Bayonne Drydock & Repair

MBH travel lift

Graving Dock



No matter the size of your boat, our experts can promptly fix it and get you back on the water on time and on budget. 


With a capacity of 1280 MT, our MBH is capable of hauling many different vessels


Our graving dock is equipped to provide full services to large scale vessels up to 1000′

With over 1600′ of Pier Space, we are capable of providing berthing to any vessel

Our facility has been servicing vessels for over 25 years

Great Lakes Dredge
& Dock Derick 64

Multiple jobs ran concurrently to meet required schedule, including :
Concrete deck pad renewal.
Fabricated and installed new crane house.
Crane boom Gantry hoist cable renewals.
Full UHP blast & paint on U/W hull, Deck, Crane house & Crane boom.
Fabricate & install new aluminum crane stair cases.
McAllister Towing
Alex McAllister
Kort nozzle repair 
Repaired all (3) mounting locations to Z drive as to original.
Fabricated template and machined existing hole pattern and installed threaded inserts.
Reinauer Transportation
Franklin Reinauer
Propeller swap
Removed nautican triple rudders, jumped stbd wheel & re install rudder assembly in a 1 day turn around.

Here’s how we work.



Call us with your specs and we’ll craft a customized repair solution for your needs, budget & timeline.



Head over to our dock in New Jersey’s convenient Bayonne port and our specialized teams will get to work.



Leave harbor feeling confident your ship is sea-worthy and ready to set sail.

what our clients say

“Bob, we really appreciate everything you and your team did to get our tug, the Brinn Courtney, back up and running.  Your labor was fantastic and professional. You, Pete, Mike, and Phil did an amazing job providing customer service far beyond anything we have ever received from a shipyard! We will most definitely be looking to work together again in the future”

Stasinos Marine

“The addition of the marine travel lift at Bayonne Drydock and Repair to the NY/NJ waterfront couldn’t have come at a better time. The demand for drydock space increased substantially with the sudden implementation of Subchapter M USCG regulations and the travel lift has given us peace of mind knowing our equipment can be hauled safely and timely as needed. Bayonne recently hauled two of our deck barges for customer requested modifications and completed the work on budget, on time, and as directed. Peter Poulson, the yard’s Ship Superintendent overseeing the job, was a consummate professional, communicated well and made sure we were happy with the final product”.

Donjon Marine

Weeks Marine has been a customer at Bayonne DD since 2017.  Rather, I should say a steady customer since 2017. 

Where one may look at a dry dock facility and say, “we have to go there”, I speak of Bayonne and say “I want to go there.”  In an industry rampant with cost increases + workmanship decreases, Bayonne DD has only gotten better throughout the years of our relationship.  While always being worried about how much a docking is going to cost at one yard, or whether I’m going to get back in the water on time at another, these are two things I’m not concerned about at Bayonne.  There are never any cost surprises, and we are always back in the water on-time.

Besides the obvious driving factors of cost and timeliness, Bayonne is more than accommodating at a moment’s notice.  One project in particular that comes to mind involved top-side work for an over-seas job that needed to immediately get started.  A phone call later and we were up + running at their dock.  (Needless to say everything went smoothly and the barges were ready to go before the departure date).

All in all, Weeks Marine is happy to have the relationship we do with Bayonne DD.  They take the worry inherent with dry dockings off the table and allow you to concentrate on the task at hand.  For this we are truly thankful and look forward to continuing working with them in the years to come.

Weeks Marine

Bayonne Dry Dock in action